I have always thought that I would love to have children, even now I like kids, most of them are cute and innocent.  Or at least this is what I thought until the people moved in across the hall!

I live in a very small apartment building (only 10 units) and I have been here for over 8 years now with my husband.  We are saving to purchase a home and making sure we have no debit (things most respectable people should do before making a big purchase to make sure you can afford it.)

Well in the not so distant past a new family moved in (a single mother and her 2 children) now I am sure it is hard to raise children by yourself in this day and age, but you would think a single mother would be a little more tough on her kids since she has to be the mother and father.  Well the woman across the hall could care less about her kids!!  On one hand her kids are monsters, on the other is it their fault?

This “mother” has the nerve to lock her kids outside of the apartment (in the hall or in the parking lot) depending on where they want to play so that she can do God knows what with god knows who.  In consequence to this I have to put up with these two children (ages about 7 & 8 maybe a bit younger) SCREAM outside of my door.  I don’t mean just yelling, but screaming at the top of their lungs. Something my mother would have thought someone was kidnapping us for if I did it growing up.  Did I mention that these two children along with two upstairs neighbors (one about 12 and the other about 7) like to play “gang”. Someone instilled it in these children’s heads that it is cool to want to be in a gang.

I have (as recently as yesterday) opened my door so their mother could hear me and told them to be quite since I didn’t want to deal with the noise.  Their mother never once opened her door to correct her children before I did or even open it to say anything to me about it.  I am not looking for a fight, but if someone was yelling at my children I would like to know what was going on.

This brings my husband and I to the subject, “Do we want kids?” We ask this not JUST because of these children and what they could possibly influence my kid to do.  But because we also look at the world and see kids now bringing knives and guns to school, not to mention the parents don’t care! It drives me insane to see a child do something and the parents (or in my area the mother of these children) not do nothing about it or correct them.  If my parents gave me the eye growing up and I would have run scared! I had fear and respect for my parents growing up and I think that is what this generation is missing!!

I am not that old, I was born in 1980 so even growing up and being in school in the 80’s was not nearly as bad as it was when I was finally graduating. There have been and always will be bullies (I am not saying that being a bully is ok, but now it is getting much worse.) I hear about bullies in school driving other children to suicide and it scares me!  At least when I was younger (and I was bullied) I could get away from it by going home. With Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and everything else available on the internet kids have no where to go to be themselves or get away from the bullies.

I don’t know if I could bring a child into a world like this.  I can’t keep them sheltered all their life!  I know our parenting skills would be fine, but it’s other parents and how they raise their kids that worries me.